Introducing Herbal Mist Teas, a unique combination of freshly brewed all natural teas with natural fruit flavors, and with the celebrated Yerba Mate. “Good for your body, good for your soul,” Yerba Mate is rejuvenating and yet relaxing to your mind and body.

Six distinct flavored Herbal Mist teas are naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar, while the four diet flavors are sweetened with 100% natural green leaf Stevia. Either option gives the all-natural brewed teas a healthy, yet delicate taste. All are ready to serve and packaged in 20 oz. recyclable plastic bottles. Take a moment and CHILL with Herbal Mist Iced Tea.


  • Sweet Tea
  • Mango Tea
  • Peach Tea
  • Raspberry Tea
  • Green Tea w/ Honey
  • Peach Tea


  • Unsweetened Tea
  • Diet Mango Tea
  • Diet Lemon Tea
  • Diet Peach Tea


Yerba maté is teaming with antioxidants and is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Yerba maté enjoys a multitude of benefits because of its high nutrient content including:

  • Delivers a balanced source of energy to the body and reduces fatigue.
  • Stimulates mental alertness and better concentration.
  • Mood enhancer, relieves stress and calms nerves.
  • Unlike coffee, yerba maté does not make one hyper or anxious and has no toxicity.